Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions regarding Kilty Pleasure Tours?  Look for your question below and click to see the answer or watch the video of Karen explaining them all to you!

But if you don’t see your question here, feel free to contact us at and we’ll respond!

Book through our website – it’s so super easy that even my grandmother can do it!  Since it’s a ticketless system, we use a roster for the tours so we can check you all in. We do not accept cash payments so if you turn up on a last minute whim, and the bus still has a seat or two available, you will just need to book from your phone and we will get you checked in.

Weekend bar and wine tours will take approximately 6-7 hrs.  You will be on the bus for nearly 2 hours where you will have the opportunity to be entertained by the driver or by your fellow passengers.  Make sure you plan your bathroom breaks accordingly, as no one wants to have any embarrassing accidents.  We do not stop at the side of the road.

Private hire tours will be tailored to each individually agreed event time.

Seating is first come, first served. We recommend arriving early if you have a preference for seating.  There’s even a seat up front with the driver where you can get a bird’s-eye view of the tour!

Please reach out to us ahead of time if you require special accommodations. This tour vehicle is not wheelchair accessible.

There is no smoking or vaping on or near the tartan tour vehicle.

Snooze you lose! If passengers are late to boarding or do not turn up and there is no communication, those tickets may be released and sold to another party at the time of departure.  A refund will not be given.

Please don’t – seriously.  You do not want to be “THAT” person. We are all about you having a great experience, but if you need to be drunk before the tour starts, you need a different kind of tour.  We want you to have a memorable time, but try not to overindulge and know your limit! Safety for you, your fellow passengers, tour stop venues that we partner with and our drivers is our first concern. If passengers are intoxicated at boarding, they will not be allowed to board and a refund will not be given. If you become disruptive on the tour at any point, our drivers have the discretion to refuse admittance back on the bus and any further engagement with the tour. There will be no refund. 

Any bodily fluids spilled on the bus such as urine, blood or vomit, will incur a $250 fee to the credit card that the booking was made under. If you didn’t pay, you’re going to upset someone else.

Similarly, any passengers under 21 will not be allowed on the bus and no refund will be given. IDs will be checked upon boarding.

Your restraint will be applauded and at the same time viewed suspicious by our owner!  She’s from Scotland, so it’s just not in her DNA to understand alcoholic abstinence. You will still have a great time so don’t feel like you will be singled out….well not too much.

We are working hard to get our documents and ducks in a row to permit you to purchase drinks to have on the van during the trip.  Coming soon!

Yourself, ID, money/cards and a fun attitude!  We will check all ID’s prior to boarding and some venues may want to card you too.  Money/cards will come in handy since you are responsible for your own tab at each venue and there will be fun things to spend it on like swag and snacks and beverages. There will be some snacks to help soak up the beverages you’ll consume, and there will be some fun things to spend it on.

There will be non alcoholic beverages (real deal adult beverages hope to be in our future plans), snacks and some swag and merch to purchase on the bus while supplies last – check out the menu in front of your seat.  You can purchase more fun KPT goodies on our online store that’s coming really soon, as these MUST HAVE items will be great for gifts to those that weren’t there and to proudly show them how much you loved your KPT adventure.

There is ample parking at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, which is the 1st pick up location.  The Hilton Garden Inn Hotel has a full service restaurant and you should check out their opening hours. 

There is also ample parking at the Harper Oil Building which is the 2nd pick up location but recommend you come downtown a little early to walk around and see all that downtown Hickory has to offer. Additionally, Uber, Lyft or a friend or family member are always great options to avoid having to find parking. Parking is free downtown, but please be sure of any timed parking limits and you may have to walk a short distance from your space.  Please consider an add on booking with a live concert at the HUM after your tour adventure!


YES!  But you must inform the driver so they can amend the roster information.  We treat you like children because we care about you and we need to make sure you are accounted for at all times.  If you disembark downtown Hickory, there is a designated social area where you are permitted to buy alcohol and drink outside.

BUT, if you should miss your departure time because you were so busy trying to win a cornhole tournament and you forgot the time, you will need to make your own arrangements to get back to base or to the next venue safely and on your own dollar.

You can also decide to stay somewhere and forgo the rest of the tour, although we have no idea why you’d want to do that.  If that were to be the case, then you are responsible for making your own arrangements to get back to base safely, and on your own dollar. Please just let the driver know so we don’t put out a missing person report.

Yes Yes Yes!  I’m so glad you asked.  Your driver and venue servers work really hard to make sure you have a great adventure that you will remember forever and will of course want to repeat over and over, so be generous.  The service industry is a tough one, so please be respectful.

We sell GIFT CERTIFICATES!  Why not give others the time of their lives?  They will forever thank you.

A full refund will be honored if the tour is cancelled prior to 7 days of the tour date minus the small processing fee.  You didn’t think we would pay that, did you? If you cancel between 7-4 days you will receive a 50% refund simply because we really do need some time to find some other willing passengers as they outlawed press ganging. Cancelling 3 days or less or standing us up will result in no refund. Don’t worry, we will spend that money wisely on more beer and wine for us!

That’s highly unlikely, but in the rare event that we don’t have enough passengers registered for a tour, or something very unexpected happens that’s out of our control, it might happen. We do our best to make this decision at least 2 hours before departure time. All passengers will be notified of any cancellations via text, email or telephone. For this reason, please make sure that you have provided us with a preferred method of communication so that we can reach you on the day of your tour.